Clarinets by Copeland


More Buffet R13s available soon!

Email me and ask me about the Buffet R13s that are going to be available very soon!


Clarinets by Copeland


Reduced Price on Clarinet Lamps!

You can now get a clarinet lamp for only $60. Get two lamps for $100.

Would you like a free clarinet lamp?


A clarinet lamp is pretty awesome and can spice up any room, but a free clarinet lamp is even  better. Clarinets by Copeland is now offering free clarinet lamps. This is how it works:

Refer someone to Clarinets by Copeland and if they purchase a clarinet you get a free clarinet lamp. Just have them mention your name or you can email me at and let me know who you have recommended. It is that simple! I would be honored to “light” up your world for your referrals!

Clarinet Lamps!

Yes, you read the title correctly. Clarinets by Copeland is now selling clarinet lamps! Clarinet lamps are custom made and have to be ordered in advance. The lamps do not come with shades but come with all other hardware. They can be ordered in the following ways:

Full clarinet lamp: $120

Half clarinet lamp: $60

If you are interested in ordering, email me at

The Clarinet List

I have added a feature to my website. I will now keep an updated list of the clarinets I have in stock under the tab “clarinet list.” Check it out!

Buffet R13 Prestige Clarinet SOLD

imageFully overhauled with cork pads and gortex pads on lower joint. Polished keys and regulated entire mechanism. Instrument has hardly been played at all. The plating is in like new condition. This clarinet looks and plays great! Email me for more details or more photos.